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Ducati, Aprilia 450/550, Terblanche and Super/Hypermotard

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Just finished the Feb issue of Motorcyclist, in which Brian Catterson says..."Terblanche wants to revive his vaunted Supermono single in Supermotard form.....Until now...his bosses have been adamant that Ducati, like H-D builds twins not singles....[Ducati] having failed in it's bid to aquire Aprilia's 450/550 V twin project...."

Any of you guys know anything about this ? This Aprilia engine was mentioned at some length here at the old site, and is one terrific engine. Think 80 hp and 66lbs for the engine as a teaser.....

And the Supermono in any form ? Cool stuff. What do you know about it ?
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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