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Ducati 999R Fila... a sad sight..

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rearviewmirror said:
actually...it doesn't look too bad for a wrecked bike in general!.....wonder what they are trying to get for it?......maybe someone can get an "R" for under $10K and rehab it and get it back to proper condition for $5K less than purchasing one already there!.......but it is kinda sad it sitting there in that snow like Sete's GP06 bike on the ski slope waiting to be crashed....LOL....hell....if it were me....and I were purchasing that bike...I'd pay $5K for it and pay for that body kit that was posted last week from Radical Ducati? from Europe and have a hella kick ass machine for less than what it would be normally and still have something that was distinctly Ducati and distinctly unique at the same time!

zooom said:
actually...it doesn't look too bad for a wrecked bike in general!
I agree with you, it really isn't that bad. What intrigued me though is the fact that on the clocks there's the "service icon" displayed which probably means that this bike wasn't serviced since new, and now it's around 2500 miles... Hmmmm :rolleyes:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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