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Ducati 998r engine info needed in a 916

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Hi all...
As some of you may remember i rebuilt my 916 in to the white framed corse 916, with the intention of putting a 1198/1098 engine in to it in the near future.
Thread of rebuild.. http://www.ducati.ms/forums/56-superbikes/130347-duke-916-strip-down-re-build.html

Out and about today visiting some local breakers and chatting to a few people along with a bacon sarnie thrown in, i came a across a bloke who has a 998R engine which he may sell me.
The engine is complete with starter etc...
The bloke is looking for at least £1000 for it.
He said he's been holding on to it for a project,but never done anything with it.

Given the amount of work to fit a 1198 engine in the duke (which im prepared to do), What would be needed to get the 998r engine in the 916 frame, extra mods,info ?
Also what sort of performance difference would there be ? (not knowing about the R spec :/ )

Many thanks !

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A 998r engine for rebuild is mismatched, its basically a 996r/998r engine but its got the heritage. I wouldnt pay the extra dollars for it.

If its ultracheap ok, but its nothing more than any 999 testa.
The easiest way to get through with what you are trying to accomplish I think will be to get hold of the 998r engine info online, print it on a paper, and put it under the back seat of the 916. There should be enough room though the 916 is not exactly a touring bike! You also may consider putting the info in a plastic bag in case of rain.
Lol, monday and smiling.

Ben, It makes the same power thats what I meant.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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