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Ducati 998r engine info needed in a 916

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Hi all...
As some of you may remember i rebuilt my 916 in to the white framed corse 916, with the intention of putting a 1198/1098 engine in to it in the near future.
Thread of rebuild.. http://www.ducati.ms/forums/56-superbikes/130347-duke-916-strip-down-re-build.html

Out and about today visiting some local breakers and chatting to a few people along with a bacon sarnie thrown in, i came a across a bloke who has a 998R engine which he may sell me.
The engine is complete with starter etc...
The bloke is looking for at least £1000 for it.
He said he's been holding on to it for a project,but never done anything with it.

Given the amount of work to fit a 1198 engine in the duke (which im prepared to do), What would be needed to get the 998r engine in the 916 frame, extra mods,info ?
Also what sort of performance difference would there be ? (not knowing about the R spec :/ )

Many thanks !

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I installed a 998s deepsump motor into a pre 99 748 chassis (CURRENTLY BREAKING FOR SPARES ON EBAY)

The engine mounting holes needed to be enlarged to 12mm(post 99). The engine goes straight in.

The 998 throttle bodies will work with a 998 airbox but you will need to mod the cross brace(748r/996R/998/999).
I made my own huge Corse style airbox using 748R top piece and custom 999s lower airbox.

If you relocate the coil brackets to where the 996r/998 are mounted you will need the 998 style side fairings, as the coils fowl the rad exhausts in the old style fairings.

The deepsump clears the fairing fine but you will need a deepsump testestretta exhaust system(996r/998s).

Mine ran on the standard 16m ecu and post 99 loom (3 phase charging system)just rewire the TPS, and source an eprom from TomTom

Also worth swapping the 916 temp sensor housing over as the 998 only runs one sensor.

Then lots of little things: rad bracket, mount 748 battery box, front sprocket, coolant hoses
ht caps/leads, clutch push rod/slave(pre 99 post 99 differ), oil cooler and bracket, fairing v-piece, etc.

Also worth considering cooling, the 998s ran twin rad fans and they still run super hot compared to the desmoquattro.

If it is a decent running deepsump testestretta engine for a grand BUY IT!
plenty of termi 50/54 exhaust systems on our favourite auction website...

If you would like photos, etc please just ask.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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