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Hello everyone !

I recently bought Ducati 848 Evo 2011, it has 15.750km reached yet, I bought it off with 15.350km.

This link shows how I'm cleaning it: https://imgur.com/a/D2Pw9Xv

For cleaning I'm using:
- Shampoo
- Sponge
- Patch
- Toothbrush
- Gun hose

I'm a detailer and that mean's I will do anything to my bike get cleaned and to looks perfectly clean.

This link shows when my bike got refreshed and I left it to get dry for about 2 hours !: https://imgur.com/a/q3nhWrn

After 2 hours I wanted to take it for a short run of 30mins since it was nice weather and suddenly I went out from house and when I reached my bike I was hearing cooling system, the fan was working and there wasn't contact since I didn't turn on the bike or anything as I left it to get dry.

I don't how to describe that, it never happend to me earlier, so I started to panic and I put my hands over sideways of the bike, I was feeling the air from the fan wich was matching with what I've heard, so it's the fan for sure !

I waited for the fan to stop but It didn't stop and I was panicking more and more so I jumped to the bike, I gave contact to the bike and the yellow triangle appeared on dashboard (on the left side) before oil pressure notification.

I tried to start up the bike by pressing engine start button but it didn't go through and I said sh*t.

I moved my bike to the garage back and suddenly the fan stopped, now the guy wich sold bike to me told me next "To peel off the board near keylock" because there is an "Antenna" wich sometimes can move if you clean the bike with Gun hose and if you pin a hole with a motorcycle (Where I live we have very bad roads)

So what happend is that I peeled off the carbon and plastic part near the keylock and I found the antenna successfully, next thing wich he told me is "You need to put that Anthenna back in same position wich he was before since bike will only start if it's in same position".

And after 2 hours I found right position for the Anthenna, I put back the plastic and carbon part, put the screws back and I started the engine successfully as usually, I waited for the bike to reach 70C since I always wait for it to reach temperature before I take off (That's good I hope ?)

So everything was working again without any issues, I was driving my bike for 1hour without any problems, my battery voltage was 11.7 when I started my bike before taking off and when I got back it was 12.7, so my battery is still good or it isn't ?

Also what are your thoughts on this, what was reason to my bike start the fan just like that ? My friend wich sold me the bike told me earlier when I got it about the Anthenna bug wich happens in 848 series, if you clean your bike with pressure and if you pin the hole with bike, it may happend what happend to me, but why the fan ?

I'm looking to hear from you all your thoughts about how I'm cleaning my bike, what I did wrong and what should I do to more save my bike.

Thank you !

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Yellow triangle (Anthenna) is fixed now totally, if it doesn't get to work I will replace it, thank you !

But yesterday I've been driving and I've stopped on street to wait for someone, after few mins I've heard fan once again but it just started up then got turned off, it didn't even run for few secs... Should I be worried for this, I wasn't washing my bike since all this happend ?

Everything else works perfectly as it should.

Thank you
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