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Ducati 749R vs. Mv Agusta SPR

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i know there are some users on here that have both bike makes, and i need some input. i have a 200 748 and i was going to buy a 749R at a local dealership here.....and low and behold they had a 2004 mv agusta spr in the showroom as well. i was always interested in this bike...heard rave reviews of it....blah blah...but never could find one for sale due to its limited production......i'm so tempted to get the MV......but i can't turn my back on the ducatis.........im extremely torn right now....

everyone says the mv has the power of a jap bike with the handling of a ducati?? they are both priced the same....both are 2004 models........any advice guys??
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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