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CF Mono Tail: 749/999 "Corse"


For the price of an OEM plastic tail, you can get a prep-preg carbon fiber tail with integrated
carbon canister cover.

Unique direct bolt on pre-preg CF Corse mono seat for a 749/999/999S/999R It is the same type of tail used in the World Superbike Competitions. Fits mono or biposto subframes.

The extended portion replaces the original heat shield and makes the whole tail assembly much easier to remove off the bike. Small vents are integrated into the trailing edge of the tail. It looks very authentic, esthetically fantastic and far apart from other designs.

The end of the heat shield is designed to be used with the original canister outlets, therefore the outlet holes have to be modified for larger aftermarket systems and in some cases, the whole back portion where the holes are shaped into can be trimmed off to mimic the exact look of the factory race bikes. A must for the purists.

It can be painted by us for an additional cost in any color. The tail is available pre-painted RED with white number plate and exposed carbon fiber in the vents and pinstripe.

Polished finish

Note: We recommend the application ThermoTec Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier to all plastic and carbon surfaces that are exposed to excessive heat from the exhaust pipe or canister to prevent damage over time. The heat barrier will also reflect some of the heat away from the rider.

Pre-preg Carbon Fiber parts use less resin because it is "cooked" under high heat and pressure in an autoclave which results in a stronger and lighter product than typical wet-lay up Carbon Fiber; A pre- preg
will survive low sides much better than a wet lay up product and can easily be repaired. Pre-preg is the
preferred method for racing, and aerospace. It is more expensive to build with this method but it results in a superior product that resist heat and impact damage and is structurally sound.

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