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Ducati 749 2006 total dead

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Hello,is my first time here in a forum,and my english is very bed but i need help becaus in my contry no one can help me.
I have a ducati 749 of 2006 is 5 years that i ride it the service I do it by my self,yesterday i was changing my starter relay becaus the old one have problem starting. I try it to start and it was all ok the engine start smoothly.but when i was putting all the wires together it was a contact on the back metallic cover of the battery with the starter solenoid.
I thought is fine that the contact with solenoid and the metalic cover behind the battery and would not have any problem.
But when i was putting the battery inside of the box it happened a spark,and when i try it to turn on the key nothing happened.
Now is all dead nothing happened the lights on dashboard are off the fuel pump is off off off.
Please can help me any body because i don't now what to do,here we dont have any dealer of ducati or any service to go
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In the attachment check the fuses at #16.

Also the voltage at the fuel pump relay #17 by removing the relay and using your multimeter between the socket pin corresponding to fuel pump/injection relay pin 30 and battery negative.
I think your model uses micro relays, but pin 30 is what you are looking for.

There is a possibility that the earth/ground to the ECU has been damage inside the ECU.

This can be "fixed" permanently by connecting a wire from the middle pin of #18 (the diagnostic connector) black/violet wire to battery negative.


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