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let me say i read few threads on the matter but i am not sure they relate to my issue. I begin to think maybe the fuel pump, albeit priming, is faulty.

What i did.
There was a leak on under the tank due to the O ring being badly mounted (yes yes, i know). However there was a chance the tank was cracked.
- Long story short i swapped tank (i had a spare one), de rust it and coated it inside.
- replaced the fuel line with appropriate rubber from throttle to tank. Both R and M.
- Replaced the fuel line tubes inside the fuel pump.
- replaced fuel filter.
- Replaced O ring and mounted it properly and it fits just like a song.
- put two gallons of petrol so it is also above reserve. No leak. So one problem is solved.
- BUT, there is no petrol coming through the R and M. The fuel line is bone dry.
- I put the battery in charge all night and reconnect it this morning.
- I also lightly sand papered the connectors around the relay and the rectifier.
- The engine cranks, the bike lights on like the best christmas tree from the Macy's parade. The fuel pump primes like kitten. So... what the actual fuck?
- also the coating i used to seal the bike didn't obstruct breathers which i also double checked.

I am sure i am doing something wrong but i am at loss. It sounds to be it could be something in the fuel pump but wouldn't know what to modify.

Here's a video i made for my friend Peter (the guy who goes around the world with a 998).

Not sure if you can hear the fuel pump prime but it does as usual. You can also tell the engine bogs as it does when it tries to fire up. It clearly starves for fuel. Finally i read on similar threads of people having the petrol bubbling like fruit in a blender. That's not my case. When the fuel pump primes there is only a normal very light vibration probably due to the two cylinders rattling the bike.


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Assuming it ran before the work you did, verify you have the internal tank plumbing correct.

Should look like this.
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