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Hello everyone,

tldr at the bottom.

My partner and I picked up an '07 Monster 695 for her first bike about a season ago. Previous owner lowered it, the rider was 5'1", and swapped to chineseum clip-ons mounted to the forks above the triple. Fast forward to today, we've decided to raise the bike back up to stock. However, the configuration now calls for a new handlebar setup. Ideally, we'd like something with adjustment.

I picked up Woodcraft clip-ons, but I can't get enough clearance to fit them. I then realized Woodcraft makes an adapter plate that mounts to the triple so I don't have to use the fork clip-ons. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication when I spoke with the Woodcraft team and they sent me the 696 adapter plate, which does not fit the 695 mounts. They do not have an adapter plate engineered for the 695 (same as the 620).

The good news is the Woodcraft team said they may be able to adjust an existing plate that to fit the bike. One final complication; the bike is located at her parent's home about 2 hours away, making this difficult to coordinate. They'd like measurements of the mounts for this version of the bike to see if their engineer can fabricate something.

TLDR: Would someone mind providing measurements for the handlebar mounts on a 620/695? Looking for the distance between the holes for the bolts. Or, if you know of a schematic that exists online that shows measurements, that would be awesome too.

Here are pictures of what we're trying to do.
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