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I'm a cheap bastard and an impatient one too. I'm also good at making stuff and things. So I'm not a huge fan of buying fancy parts that I can make myself and I really hate waiting on shipping.
On that note, there's a number of stuff that I want to make for my new HM. Before I tear the bike apart and spend some hours getting dimensions and drawing things, I figure it can't hurt to ask... I'm sure some of you are machinists, fabricators, and so forth; do you have any drawings for neat parts you'd be willing to share?

Specifically looking for these (to start with anyway)...
- Clutch pressure plate
- Clutch cover
- Quick-change rear sprocket carrier (5 bolt)
- Front sprocket cover

I'll be making a 41mm/46mm socket for the rear axle, and probably some beefy hoon-ready triple clamps at some point as well. I'll happily share files for anything I do make.
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