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We've had a bit of a wet heat wave here the past couple of weeks. I went to start my bike yesterday... no luck. Any hints?

When I hit the starter, the engine turns over but will not start - even when spraying starter fluid into the air intakes in the airbox.

I pulled the plugs (which look ok, but a bit rich), stuck a screw driver into the ends of the spark plug cables and get strong/consistent sparks.... so the electrical system seems to be ok.

Drained the carbs twice to verify that gas was reaching them.

I don't quite understand how fuel is delivered to the engine from the carbs, but I bet that's where the problem is.

Any tips/comments/etc are welcome! :) I'm trying to formulate as much of a plan as possible prior to pulling the carbs off (if needed).

Thanks Ducati.ms!
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