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DS 1000 engined DB6 died suddenly

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Well I was going to ride to work today since it was the first nice day in a month. I started out, warmed up the bike and took off. About 1.5 miles from my house, the engine just died, thankfully before I got on the freeway.

I pulled over and shut off the ignition, checked everything I could see and then re-started the bike. Everything seemed fine so I took off again. I had that "feeling" that I should go home and take one of the cars so I turned around and headed that way.

All of a sudden my digital dash flashed off and on a couple of times. The bike didn't feel any different re: running or handling so I kept heading home.

I pulled into my garage and shut off the bike. I then tried to re-start it (it can start and idle on the sidestand as it does not have that Ducati defeat switch (AFAIK). No good...nothing happened.
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So while I was getting ready to switch vehicles, I noticed the following issues.
- no starter engagement/sound
- no fuel pump sound
- dash seems fine (display shows 9.9 then 12.4 volts but that is due to the LiPo battery and there not being significant draw from say the fuel pump or other.

The battery (EarthX) is fairly new and always on a digital smart maintainer. When it was running and voltage was checked at the battery, I was getting appropriate charging voltage from the stator.

So while I have to wait for this weekend to start tearing into things, I am curious if anyone else here has had this symptom crop up out of the blue.

Could it be:
- bad fuel pump (why no starter?)
- blown fuses
- bad starter
- bad crankshaft position sensor
- some other related part that would literally allow a no-start and no-fuel pump run condition

Any and all relevant help is greatly appreciated. :grin2:

BTW, my posts aren't very high as I rarely get time to peruse the forums much with my work, two in college and one in a dangerous job, however I find that the wealth of knowledge here and other forums is amazing and always helps me figure out what or how to fix whatever I am looking at fixing. I have to therefore say THANK YOU to all of you who have gone before me!!!
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Bad battery connection or battery? I would check the battery and or charging system first. What's the battery voltage with ignition turned off? It should be well over 13.20v on a LiFePo4 that is fully charged. What charger are you using? If it's not used for a longer period of time it should be disconnected, and using a charger all the time will not be any good.

Kill switch?

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I hadn't thought of the kill switch possibility... I'll add it to the check list. I'll also check the standing battery voltage when "off" and I'll update the posts with the charger type.

I always have it connected as it is supposed to be a smart charger...but maybe it isn't smart enough. I thought leaving a bike on a battery "tender" type charger was a good thing. Looks like I won't be doing yard work this holiday weekend...not that this is a bad change mind you.
I may have a potential source after fiddling around with it a few minutes ago. I was reading the somewhat useless factory manuals and thought to myself, it can't be that complicated...assuming that the ECU is still OK.

I was getting NO fuel pump noise and NO starter. Hmm. I just recently started this thing so perhaps it has to do with the safeties that MOM put in place to keep me from being stupid, at least when starting it...and it is FI so that would shut everything off right?

I sat on the bike just now and moved it back and forth to make certain I was in neutral. I put up the side stand, turned the key and PRESTO, fuel pump noise...but no start. I thought maybe it also involves the clutch interlock so I squeezed the clutch lever and PRESTO #2, it started.

So now my questions to you gurus out there are:

1. Is it the side stand switch AND the clutch interlock?
2. Can I permanently defeat both and if so how?

I recall a lot of Ducatisti having issues with the side stand safety and there was a way to either short it with another adapter harness or maybe it was to just wire the contacts together and remove the switch altogether...but I can't remember.
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Re: the clutch interlock, is that another handlebar switch that I think wires behind the headlight or is it down to the crankcase?

Maybe these were never working correctly and now they are. Either way, it still doesn't explain the dash turning on and off a couple times before this happened. I am certain that all of the dash wires are soldered and heat shrunk and they are tight as I just messed with the lot when I had the front end off.

I will check all of the grounds again but unless the dash was related to something else vibrating loose, I am not sure what gives as it all appears to work correctly...now that is.

Any suggestions?

At least I am thrilled that it starts once again as with 2 in college, I really don't have a lot of disposable income to fix it if it were more significant.
Well, if it was my bike I would fix the problem and keep the side stand and clutch switch as they are.

You should be able to start the bike without engaging the clutch. I would guess it's your side stand switch or the wires running up to the ECU that is the problem, assuming it's a 59m og 5am ECU on that bike.

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Bad neutral switch? You mentioned rocking the bike back and forth to confirm it was it neutral which seems to imply neutral light is not working. A bad neutral switch would fit with side stand and clutch interlocks thinking you’re in gear
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Thanks for the replies. I did look into it this weekend and here is what I found. The sidestand switch is not wired like what I have read (3 wires). It has two yellow wires that convert to a brown/white and blue/white pair that appear to go up to one of the relays.

I pulled the relay that these wires run to and jumped the wires (SS in/out). What I got was starter but no FP. The other two connections for the relay are apparently FP in/out as when I jumped them, the FP stayed on so I pulled the temp. jumper and replaced the relay. Who knows, maybe the relay is suspect so I'll source some spares.

I will look again at the other relay that appeared to have a blue/white wire into it, however it didn't have the brown/white. I also need to check my manual's schematic again as I might have missed something.

Interestingly, when I simply unplugged the SS switch, the bike started fine. I might still connect it back up once I can pinpoint the issue. I also need to check the ground connections to the bike (engine and frame) as well as the ECU but I am still curious if the issue will come up again when I am out on the road.

I did try the SS up (when connected and afterwards) and in gear start and that was a no-go as the starter would not turn and the light dimmed when I tried so perhaps the NSS is ok. I still don't get the whole dash flashing on/off/on since all connections are clean and tight.
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Oh and the ECU version on the 2007 DB6 is a Pegaso rather than the better Walbro, not sure of the model so I'll look into that next too.

I just realized that I could have simply disconnected the AMP connector for the SS switch and left everything in-place as it is accessible beneath a small triangular cover. Maybe I'll put it back together just so the components are on the bike...but I saved 25 grams of weight...
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