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I need to get hold of a dry clutch cover (and gasket?) for my Paul Smart, as I am getting the bike tested by VOSA next week, to get permission to register this Belgian bike in the UK. They are very strict.

The bike came with loud 2 into 1 Termi pipes which I can tame with the baffles - which I have - but the open clutch is also very loud, and with a 99db limit I think I should put an OEM style cover on - but I haven't got the original.

There are loads of second hand covers on ebay from various Ducatis, and they all look the same, but can anyone confirm which other Ducati's dry clutch covers would fit a Paul Smart?

eg Ducati '97 ST2 RHS Clutch Cover Casing | eBay

1 - 3 of 3 Posts