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Driveline backlash?

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How much back-and-forth angle backlash should I expect in first gear when looking at the front sprocket on a 916?
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I looked at the same on my 900sl (same gearbox in principle) and was very suprised at what play I found.. I rebuilt the clutch (as I had stripped it down to check primary gears) and measured the gearshift throw (under the alternator case) and its working fine since so I've left it alone (play still the same)
I didnt find any reference in the manuals for expected backlash but one thing to note only the clutch /primary gears and gearchange mech are "easily" serviced in this area, anymore and its a big job of engine out/case splitting with all the resultant reshimming of crank and gearbox. So unless its not changing gear or jumping out of gear (after adjusting the shift mech and verifying clutch is ok) i'd leave it alone... except of course if you looking for a hobby for winter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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