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It's been a month now that I've had the Large tank bag and fairing bra. I wanted ride without a backpack for sometime and using bungee cords all over the place wasnt gonna do it for me, so as a last resort I shelled out some $$$$ for this luggage. problem solved, kinda....

Pros: Styling of the tank bag is right on like in the cataloge. 1 deep pocket, 1 medium top compartment, small front pocket for keys mini tool gerber.
the zipper in the center opens to make it taller but not quite a top hat look.
comes with a rain poncho for it and a shoulder strap that is really useful. has tight room for a visor,sweater,underarmor thermal bottom,shirt,jacket liner,pair of gloves.a Glock 17.pretty much what u will need to go to work and back.
U can clearly see the dash, yes u can. the DP windscreen keeps drag down.

Con: looks like a helmet will fit but no. turning is a bit limited because the reservoirs will bump the bag in tight turns.
if u constantly are filling up gas, this will be a pain in the ass to remove.
there are 3 plastic zip locks that hold it to the bra and look like they will snap off when u need it the most.

The bra, looks good before you put it on and easy installation. but not much thought was put in to it and some curves are way off.

but hey Im backpack less now! despite some setbacks like turning the key on/off in a tight spot with the bag installed. It gets heavy fast and I had to stiffen my front shocks. For me it its a hassel but there isnt anything out there that looks as good as the DP luggage and fits as good. 430.00 is too much, a good price should be 250.00 for both. My 2 cents hope it helps you guys make a better decision. I'll post pics in a bit
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