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DP Kit in Ca

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My dealer tells me that they cannot install the DP kit for my ST3 in California. Has anyone else run into this issue?
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No. Need more information- why not? Which dealer? And then, there are independent shops that would likely do it.
Is this Munroe's? I bet any of their mechanics would be glad to install it "after hours"
My understanding is that is illegal for them to install 'off road use only' items. The gov't can (and apparently has) gone through workorders and fined, even closed for a period of time, businesses that have installed such items. The amusing part is, they can tune them after they have been installed and not get hassled for that. My guess is, some businesses are willing to risk it and others not.

Why not just install it yourself and save some $s? I did my exhaust, DP chip, air filter and airbox lid on my Hyper and it took some effort but I felt a sense of accomplishment & saved some money. Then I took it to the dealer and had them set CO & TPS and was good to go.

My dealer tells me that they cannot install the DP kit for my ST3 in California. Has anyone else run into this issue?
That's what I'd recommend too if you have some "wrenchability"
I had mine installed by a local shop and do a before and after dyno. That was fun.
I encountered the very same problem. I purchased the DP kit from a Ducati dealer in the Bay Area (I live in Los Angeles but they offered me a great price for the DP kit), and he even told me that he could sell the kit to me but would not install it. I then checked with the Ducati dealer closest to my house, but they would not install it either, due to the same reasons that have already been listed. Finally I called the dealer where I purchased the bike and was able to schedule an install with them. I have now had it installed for about 5 weeks and I am so pleased with the new performance....it runs great, no more surging at low speeds, and the sound is incredible (I chose to go without the DB killers), not too loud but a nice serious growl. Call around to some different Duc dealers or even a performance shop could easily install for you. Good luck...
Brock-If you decide to get rid of the quiet inserts, let me know.
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