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Don't hate, appreciate!

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Hello all,

Joining the forum and finally posting a bit about myself. So here it is.... I currently own an '04 Yamaha R6, a tracked '02 Suzuki GSXR750, and a '92 Harley Davidson Sporster 1200 custom. I've have been a LONG TIME fan of Ducati, (actually the first bike I ever saw that made me drool was a Ducati, and instantly made me want to buy a bike and ride), and look forward to the day when I can finally own one. As it turns out, that day may be soon approaching.....

So here is why I say 'Don't hate, appreciate!' I find that just like 'Harley guys', 'Ducati guys' can somewhat look down on any other motorcycle that isn't a Ducati. Maybe I'm being a bit stereotypical, and if so I apologize. I suppose I'm speaking from my own experiences. Anyway, I say to those who look down, appreciate. Appreciate a fellow rider who enjoys the freedom riding gives, or who enjoys carving a beautiful turn on a warm sunny day, or the fellow rider who enjoys taking a Sunday cruise with his friends. It doesn't matter if the bike he's on is a Ducati 1199, a CBR, or a freaking Kawi 250..... we all share a common bond, the love for motorcycles and for riding.

Anyway, back to my impending lucky day. I've lusted after a 1098 or 1198 for sometime now, but finances have always kept either just beyond my grasp. Not to mention, a self-awareness that I just plain 'ole wasn't ready to own a machine like one of these. I would have gotten into quite a bit of trouble with a bike like a 1098, but I'm confident now that I could behave myself, I think lol. But I digress. I've wanted a Duke since I started riding, and have come to the understanding that I should probably sell my Harley (my least favorite of the bikes I own) to help fund my Ducati. So I am going to start listing the Harley in classifieds, as well as talk to a friend who showed serious interest in my HD before. Not sure when I'd finally be able to call a Ducati my own, but I think it will be sooner rather then later.

So thanks for looking, reading, and please feel free to respond. I look forward to commenting on others posts and look forward to discussing all that is Ducati, and our one common bond.... Stay safe, shiny side up.
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Haha, thanks guys! I look forward to getting involved on this forum!
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