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Does the Monster take the H4 bulb?

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Specifically, the S4R (even though I would imagine that all monsters take the same bulb), do we take H4 bulbs?????

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Yupp. That´s an H4.

There are solutions to getting more light out af a H4.
Osram, Tungsram, Phillips and GE make "high output" models of there H4 55/60w
They can be called diffrent things, like Silverstar, Megalight, +30% or something like that. I had them in my old car and they DO make a diffrence.

You also have the option of going with a 55/100w H4. Which gives the regular 55w lowbeam, but 100w highbeam. Maybe you can get them in the states from an offroad supplier, since they are strictly not "street-legal".

The best thing to do is upgrade your stock wiring, since the small wires they use from the factory aren´t big enough to supply the bulb completly, and you get a voltagedrop that reduces the effect of the bulb you have.

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