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Does the Monster take the H4 bulb?

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Specifically, the S4R (even though I would imagine that all monsters take the same bulb), do we take H4 bulbs?????

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YES....it does....I made the mistake of putting a high wattage output bulb in and though it took awhile with me riding the bike almost everyday....in the end (under a year approx. I think) I ended up having to rebuild the pigtail to the bulb due to it melting and causing a bulb failure as well as the potential for a fire possibly.(it was smoking lightly at the time I caught it!)...I have considered possibly putting in an HID but as edwyn pointed out...the reflectors for the light aren't always built the same for Halogen and HID and the broad spectrum of a Monster's reflector may not get the desired result of said upgrade!
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