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So I've gotten sick of my tailpack bouncing around on bungee cords and wanted something more secure. I went on a quest for some sort of adjustable strap that was small enough to use on my bike but had no luck around here. To the internet I went.....

The first thing I found was the Kriega bag site. The US-series of bags is an awesome system and the US-20 is exactly what I'm looking for. The securing system looks great. Pricey though. Plus I already have a tailpack, just need a better way to secure it. Back to the internet....

I stumbled across this webside (www.strapworks.com). All I can say is awesome. You can design any kind of strap or tie down you want. Ordered a set today for my tailpack and I'll have them in mind down the line if I need anything else of the sort.

But the Kriega is still on my list...
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