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I´ve seen a very cool water/oil titanium protector for the 999, and I would like to know if you use them on your bikes.
Apart style do they really worth it and don´t they interfer in a negative/blocking way with air cooling?
Let me know your opinion.

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No problem, they won't affect cooling significantly.

Radiator Protection

This is an easy do-it-yourself project for a superbike. First straighten any bent radiator fins. Then cut a piece of aluminum window screening to fit leaving 4-5 inches on top to make some tabs to bend over the top and back of the radiator. It conforms easily to the curved radiator shape and the wind pressure holds it firmly against the radiator.

Another way to secure a screen is to loop paper clip-size wire through the radiator between the fins.

Remove the V-shaped lower cowl and attach another piece of screen to protect the oil cooler. Fasten it to the back of the panel with small self-tapping screws and washers at the four molded holes.*Silicone adhesive or double-sided tape also works.

Any screening will reduce airflow somewhat, of course. The smaller the mesh, the more protection against smaller debris. I can only offer that common aluminum window screen works fine in desert temperatures with no noticeable effect on 916 coolant temperatures.

I wish I thought of it right away before fin damage occurred. After 20,000 miles, I still haven't had to replace it. I used window screening simply because it's cheap to replace and has a fine-enough mesh to spread out the impact load (and keep bugs out), but if you prefer something different, check out the McMaster-Carr web site. When they sell mesh screening, they define the percent open area that tells you its ability to flow air.
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