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I just popped some OPT7 FluxBeamX headlights into my 1098. I've only used HIDs until now. HIDs allow you to pop a rubber spacer into the headlight cover to keep them sealed up. LEDs have a fan on the back that is supposed to be exposed to the air.

What did you do about this? If you ran your headlights with open covers did you have any issues? Did you modify your covers to get a dust seal? If so how?

Im considering:

A: modifying the cover to be bigger and enclose the fan despite OPT7 saying it shortens the life.


B: Making/Finding some sort of rubber conical grommet that will seal around the bulb below the fan, but leave the fan out.

Open to all thoughts and suggestions. Thanks.


I just ordered these. Excuse the crazy spanish symbols. Rubber dust caps that look the part, and a 3-piece step up drill bit set. I left all my tools in America so I'm having to re-buy everything ?.

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