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Discounted '04 or '06 749s?

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I'm about to take the plunge and trade in my MV Agusta Brutale for a 749s, and my local shop has a discounted '04 ($2k off list) as well as a couple of new '06s. Other than the different swingarm and modified fairing, are there any real differences between the two model years? I guess I'm looking for reasons to justify paying more for the better-looking red '06 than the yellow '04 'cause I prefer the red frame/black subframe and I've already owned one yellow and one black Ducati in the past.
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Crap, I wish my 749 was paid for, I'd swap you for that Brutale!

Anyhoo, I'd go for the '06, just because come resale time it will be worth more than an '04, all other things being the same.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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