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Discounted '04 or '06 749s?

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I'm about to take the plunge and trade in my MV Agusta Brutale for a 749s, and my local shop has a discounted '04 ($2k off list) as well as a couple of new '06s. Other than the different swingarm and modified fairing, are there any real differences between the two model years? I guess I'm looking for reasons to justify paying more for the better-looking red '06 than the yellow '04 'cause I prefer the red frame/black subframe and I've already owned one yellow and one black Ducati in the past.
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ducatis aren't about pinching pennies,buy the one that stirs your passion.i travelled over a border and across 2 states to buy a yellow superbike even though i could have got a red one local.resale, 2 or 3 seasons later the diff between a 04 and 06 will be small,mileage will play a bigger role. but then if your like me i'd rather pay the price to ride and enjoy,than let it sit and think i'm saving it for someone else.
i think every time you see a red framed bike you will wish you got one,if you buy but don't like the grey.ducati has changed the way they derive hp and weight a few times over the last years.hence the different specs.doubt if there is any motor diff between the 2,in fact the 748 and 749 lines historically get very little upgrades compared to the larger bikes.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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