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Discounted '04 or '06 749s?

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I'm about to take the plunge and trade in my MV Agusta Brutale for a 749s, and my local shop has a discounted '04 ($2k off list) as well as a couple of new '06s. Other than the different swingarm and modified fairing, are there any real differences between the two model years? I guess I'm looking for reasons to justify paying more for the better-looking red '06 than the yellow '04 'cause I prefer the red frame/black subframe and I've already owned one yellow and one black Ducati in the past.
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if both bikes were properly setup... stalling issue

none-existant... then it's really what floats your boat. to each his own... but here's my .02
> I like the older style upper fairings.
> and yellow seems to be an unique color these days with so many red / black /matte blacks running around.

When I get my ride back from the dealership, I'll post a pic. Mine's a yellow 749s with black sub-frames. imo, that's color stands out easily in a sea of reds. As for the upgrades pieces, if I rode like V.Rossi.. perhaps I'll be able to tell the difference.

Put both bike side by side, and see what you like. Let's us know what you pick. & finally, agree wholeheartly on the $2K off. You should get more or ask them to throw in free services.
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