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Discounted '04 or '06 749s?

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I'm about to take the plunge and trade in my MV Agusta Brutale for a 749s, and my local shop has a discounted '04 ($2k off list) as well as a couple of new '06s. Other than the different swingarm and modified fairing, are there any real differences between the two model years? I guess I'm looking for reasons to justify paying more for the better-looking red '06 than the yellow '04 'cause I prefer the red frame/black subframe and I've already owned one yellow and one black Ducati in the past.
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200,000 pennies

kaos said:
ducatis aren't about pinching pennies,buy the one that stirs your passion.i travelled over a border and across 2 states to buy a yellow superbike even though i could have got a red one local.resale, 2 or 3 seasons later the diff between a 04 and 06 will be small,mileage will play a bigger role. but then if your like me i'd rather pay the price to ride and enjoy,than let it sit and think i'm saving it for someone else.
Personally, I prefer red, and I think the '06s with the red frame/black rear subframe and black wheels look a lot nicer than the grey frame and wheels of the yellow '04 that's discounted. However, while I agree that Ducatis "aren't about pinching pennies," I'm not so well off that $2k isn't significant. Maybe I don't deserve to own one with a cheap attitude like that - what do you think?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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