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Disconnected battery - now no DTC on my 1200S

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I fitted some aftermarket (Oxford) heated grips to my 1200S (2012) over the weekend.
The grips wire directly to the battery terminals, so I had to disconnect the battery.
Grips work beautifully but now I am getting no DTC on the bike.
I double checked to make sure I had reconnected the DTC power lead to the positive terminal.
I tried using the main starter button on the tank to see if it would reset the ECU but made no difference.

Before I disconnect the grips from the battery to see if they are causing the error, I am missing some ECU glitch that is caused by disconnecting the battery?
I read on the forum that the ECU can get upset if the battery is disconnected, which can cause the DTC to be shutdown.
Can I manually start the DTC in the settings menu somewhere?

The collective brains trust on this forum is much appreciated.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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