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I have a Hyper but I'm asking this question in this area because we have basically the same motor...

I am wondering if anyone knows or can look in thier service manual to see which wire has a direct rpm output...maybe even the one that goes to the stock speedometer/dash that gives the RPM data...or maybe I could email Ducati... but who at Ducati?

I have a timer that does data aquisition...that is why this question...

I have already tried the inductive method of RPM pickup which is wrapping a wire around the sparkplug wire (did it a bunch of different ways) but I'm not getting accurate data since the signal will drop off at times, and jump around alot...

There are supposed to be a couple different wires in a motorcycle electrical system that send the RPM signal... one is from the ECU, another is going to a fuel injector...problem is I don't know which ones they are...

So any help is appreciated.
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