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Good morning,

I registered quite a while ago but never made my first post. Been active on the Diavel forum for a while.

I previously owned a 2001 748S, then some non Ducatis, before getting my 2012 Diavel CR last August. It's the only bike I've ever owned that makes me excited to stop at every red light just so I can take off again!

Being in South Florida, track notwithstanding, red light takeoffs and freeway onramps are about the most fun aspects of riding down here. My 748S was with me in California, where I cut my teeth riding in Malibu canyons, Angeles Crest, and the local tracks including a stint as a WSMC racer on an SV560.

These days I take my bike out with all of my DSLR camera gear and have gotten to doing lots of photoshoots of my bike and my friends bikes.

I look forward to contributing to the forums and sharing 'Motorcycles and DSLRs' photography with you all. That's the link in my sig. I've included a few shots of my baby below:


A Sunrise Diavel by ddk632, on Flickr


Diavel Enjoying the View by ddk632, on Flickr


Clint Moore Bridge Sunrise by ddk632, on Flickr


The Magazine Shot by ddk632, on Flickr


Diavel Onlooking the Passersby by ddk632, on Flickr


Let There Be Light by ddk632, on Flickr

And one of me from the pits at Laguna Seca MotoGP 2007:

Hanging With Capirossi's Desmosedici GP7 by ddk632, on Flickr

That was Capirossi's Desmosedici GP7 .. We literally just walked right into the Ducati garage, out the other end, and took a bunch of photos with the racebikes. It was awesome!

Ride safe!

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Excellent photos! Welcome to the site :)

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Welcome to the site, great pictures, even greater bike. I may be a little biased tho :D
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