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Desmo Times going off line for a few months

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HI GUys,

I just put in an order from LT SNyder at DesmoTimes. He's going to be activity duty army some months so desmotimes will be inactive for a while starting Nov. 3, if you want any goodies, load up now!

Desmo Times LLC - The Home of DIY Ducati Maintenance Parts and Accessories

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I wish Mr. LT Snyder the best and pray that he makes it back home to his family safe and sound. However, I am having a cooling issue with my 2002 ST4s and remembered that Desmo Times offered a cooling kit that included a fan and switch, plus I believe he offered a hose kit as well, not knowing when Mr. Snyder will be back, who else offers a comprable kit?


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Snyder- Be careful, and Godspeed- for whatever that means! Do what you have to do- but get home safe ! Many here seem to be depending on it -

Ciao - J
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