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I live in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. And the nearest
"Duck" dealers are 90 min. SW in Brea, or 2-1/2 hours NE in Vegas.
Replaced the GS (Japanese Yuasa) OEM battery in March, with
a Taiwanese-made Yuasa from Cycle Gear. Never did fire-up the
bike dependably, so after charging it multiple times, replaced it
after just 5 months. The 2nd replacement Yuasa didn't exactly
exceed my expectations, either, so I exchanged IT 2 weeks ago.
Finally, I charged it again, but this time I installed the pos. and
neg. leads UNDER the terminals instead of on top as I had been,
and...VOILA!, all was well.
Still wasn't convinced, so when Victorville M/C Center sent out
a "10%-off service" e-coupon, I asked if they would work on my
749 and they said "Sure, bring it on down!" I gotta' tell you, I
was more than pleased. Service Writer and Tech. Jon Jackson
did a great job. Ran test after test and assured me the charging
system was now operating BETTER than factory spec's. Then
again, he didn't try to sell me on unnecessary parts or services.
And when I requested Motul 15W-50 semi-synth. and a RED
EK 525 chain, he didn't argue or try to talk me out of them.
Just picked-up the bike Saturday and it runs like a "Bat outta'
Bologona", so to speak. Obviously, I'm quite pleased.
So, even though VMC is a KTM, Kawie, Suzuki dealer, unless
it's something you need done per the factory warranty (they
said they would honor my Western Extended Service Contract,
if necessary), I would highly-recommend them.
And now the disclaimer, "I have not been compensated for this
Ride on, y'all!
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