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I've read somewhere that a Demo service is recommended at 18,000 miles. I've got 17,500 and will be leaving on a long trip, so I scheduled the service before I plan to leave.

When I asked about the Demo service the rep drew a blank. He seemed confused. (It appears I've overlooked the 15,000 service, but I had an oil service around then.) The dealer told me I was scheduled for the 15,000 service; he didn't know anything about the Desmo service.

So I started poking around and found this Ducati maintenance schedule for the 2016 MTS 1200. I didn't see anything about Desmo service on the chart.

Question: Does the MTS DVT require "Desmo" service? Does it get the same service without the Desmo name? Or, as I suspect, is the Desmo service for the pre-2015 MTS?


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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