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Demo Price

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This won't be the 1st time this type of thing has happened to me. I took a recently purchased 2004 749R into the dealer to have stuff I needed for track days done and ended up in the showroom looking at their 1200S T and it turns out its their demo. The owner was telling me about the bike and then said he'll need to sell it soon because his 2013 demo is on the way.

Curious as to what people are buying new ones for and how much more, if any, a demo unit could get off the MSRP.

I'm in SoCal if area matters at all.
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To quote The Grinch, "I wouldn't touch it with a thirty nine and A HALF foot pole."

Every demo bike I have been on I thrashed. 3700 miles of thrashing... I like to break in my bike gently per the recommendations. I waited until ~6000 miles before I redlined my Multi. I told that to the owner of a Ducati dealership. He replied that he redlined his on the first day he had it.

If you don't plan on keeping the bike until the day she dies, go for a demo. If you do want to keep it long term, get a fresh one.
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