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Demo Price

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This won't be the 1st time this type of thing has happened to me. I took a recently purchased 2004 749R into the dealer to have stuff I needed for track days done and ended up in the showroom looking at their 1200S T and it turns out its their demo. The owner was telling me about the bike and then said he'll need to sell it soon because his 2013 demo is on the way.

Curious as to what people are buying new ones for and how much more, if any, a demo unit could get off the MSRP.

I'm in SoCal if area matters at all.
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Craigslist is your friend.

I purchased a used 2011 MTS1200S Touring with 3K miles and a top case for 16K. Still have warranty until May 2013.
Wn you buy a demo, its essentially like buying. New bike. Its never been titled, warranty starts at your purchase, etc etc.

Yes it may have some miles, but its dealer serviced, and quite a discount on price!
I was debating for the longest time between STD and S and I was leaning towards STD due to cost of buying S. However, I waited some time and I think that wait had paid off. I got the bike I wanted (White Multi with bags and top case) and, best of all, it is the S model for $1,000 more than you. $1,000 extra for S Touring? I think that is a smoking deal (no offense, but I think the STD new was going for a few hundred more).

I don't mind a few miles on it and if I can get a better price then that works too. Better financing from ducati right now than I could get on my own is what had me thinking about the demo/new route as well.
I think there was a thread on financing options (believe it's 0.9%, but unsure on which models and if it includes demos); however, if you're really set on a demo and you cannot get that low rate, I would highly suggest you get a loan through your local credit union.

IMHO, I would still search Craigstlist. I will even help you (as this had saved me TON of time): use this link to search entire Craigslist.
the standard new is $16,900
bags $1200

add tax and id around 20k out the door.
i ended up $14900 out the door, thats tax, title, bags, etc.
Touche! Great deal on the bike as well; however, 16.9 is for 2012/13 model? I think when I was looking (2010/11), STD was under 16.

As far as electronics go, I guess time will tell... :D I wasn't sold on those until I actually had a chance to mess around with it "on-the-fly" and was sold ever since.

My last point to OP: it helps to shop around
I'm scheduled to take it out on a demo ride tomorrow to make sure its as comfortable as I'd like it to be on longer rides.
I completed 2,000 miles in 4-5 days almost two months ago and this bike is prefect! I put just over 700 miles in a day and I swear I could have gone for another 200-300 miles without a problem. Bike is stock, although I did add some gel to my seat. The only thing missing on this ride was snow! I've ridden from temps from high 70s to mid 30s and through rain for three days with occasional hail -- no problems! This bike is do damn amazing I am actually considering selling my 848.

Demo or not, get the the Multi as you won't be disappointed!
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