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Demo Price

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This won't be the 1st time this type of thing has happened to me. I took a recently purchased 2004 749R into the dealer to have stuff I needed for track days done and ended up in the showroom looking at their 1200S T and it turns out its their demo. The owner was telling me about the bike and then said he'll need to sell it soon because his 2013 demo is on the way.

Curious as to what people are buying new ones for and how much more, if any, a demo unit could get off the MSRP.

I'm in SoCal if area matters at all.
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What does everybody do to a demo ?
They beat on it...
what does everybody do to their bike? beat on it

I like the smell of a new bike , but is it worth the extra you pay???

Nothing wrong with saving $$$ sure you have a bike with a few months of miles on it...
And the wear and tear on rubber etc.
I find it somewhat humorous that people know exactly how much, to the penny they spent on bikes...
I see what I like, pay or even overpay (at times) and get what makes me happy...

I NEVER look at the sales reciept again if I can help it...

Best to forget about how much you spend to keep you Happy...
That how it works for me anyways...:)
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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