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Demo Price

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This won't be the 1st time this type of thing has happened to me. I took a recently purchased 2004 749R into the dealer to have stuff I needed for track days done and ended up in the showroom looking at their 1200S T and it turns out its their demo. The owner was telling me about the bike and then said he'll need to sell it soon because his 2013 demo is on the way.

Curious as to what people are buying new ones for and how much more, if any, a demo unit could get off the MSRP.

I'm in SoCal if area matters at all.
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I don't mind a few miles on it and if I can get a better price then that works too. Better financing from ducati right now than I could get on my own is what had me thinking about the demo/new route as well.
Was in there today to pick up my track bike and was told that they are looking at taking about $2500 off. Has <600 miles and will get the 600 mile service before they let it go. It would qualify as a new sale and benefit from new bike incentives.

They can't sell until they get their new demo (next month maybe) so I have some time to chew on it and look around some more.

Thanks for all the replies and advice.
I'm scheduled to take it out on a demo ride tomorrow to make sure its as comfortable as I'd like it to be on longer rides.

Any advice or suggestions on things I need to review with the dealer or pay attention to on the ride?

They said the price will be $16k plus a $995 set up (which I don't really agree with but that may be another issue all together). That price seems to be pretty good compared to what I've seen on EBAY or CL for a bike with <1000 miles and the 1st service done along with a new warranty. I'll ask tomorrow about being able to utilize the Ducati finance/rebate incentives as well.
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