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Spent a lot of time on the DB 7 this weekend. This is one fantastic bike! The suspension (and I went through a lot of slow, tight twisties, long fast sweepers, and a fair amount of the great roads we have here in SE Wisconsin) shows that Bimota really did spend its money on the finest suspension while doing something to this motor with its own ECU that lets it out perform and out handle my former 1098R on all but top end. The grunt from 3000 rpm up is just great. Doesn't need to be revd as hard as the normal 1098 to get the power out of it. The stock can, with the baffles in, has a deep, satisfying sound, and when I do the 600, I am not sure whether I will leave the baffles in or simply pull them and retune, but not if it is going to mess up the midrange, it is just too sweet.

The riding position after many hours and 200 miles at speeds at time well into 3 digits and then riding as hard as one can with brand new Conti Race Attacks around these roads that brought me home to wait a few more hours to get the grin off my face. (Not bad tires, but I think I will wear them out fast and go to some Corsa IIIs.)

One sweet, and beautiful bike, with Bimota finally getting the power back that it hasn't had since the SB8R and has needed even though the 1100 DS aircooled engine in the DB6R is perfect for that bike. But this is a "Superbike" and a liter bike with a perfectly dialed in suspension and ergos package. My compliments to the Chefs in Rimini! Dave
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