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So here a few pictures that I was able to snap. 90 degrees on Friday and 65 on Saturday, brrrrrrr.

Pretty empty with not to much going on, least amount of entries I have seen so far. Not much was happening on the outside of the Speedway either.

8 hours is a very long race. Moto Corse Performance of Ft. Lauderdale did run the New Blue Replica, finished the bike on Wed. night, no test run so let's hope it holds up.

So after qualifying on pole the New Blue made 91HP and that was 1 HP over the legal limit so we had to start last.
DucShop was there as well running some Sport Classics and they won in class and 6th overall , congratulations.

One hour to go and lightning struck, Ducshops class leading bike had issues and was in the pits for near 10 min. while Moto Corse Performance making up lost time . Bike fixed and back on the track just for the 2nd bike to come in with a non working headlight but that was a quick fix. So there was some action towards the end of the race.

Moto Corse did run out of fuel once less then 40 minutes into the race and got two pit stop violations, oh well stuff happens....
End result was 7th overall and 2nd in class.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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