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Come out! Dave Moss will be at the Fairfield Cycle Gear TOMORROW...

Date: 28 Aug 2015 (Friday)
Time: 5-7pm.
Address: 1525 Holiday Ln, Fairfield, CA 94534
Cost: $20-$40 per bike

Hello NorCal Ducati.ms! Here's another opportunity to have your suspension tuned professionally by Mr. Dave Moss of "Dave Moss Tuning" (feelthetrack.com). Dave is a globally recognized and respected suspension tuning expert and is the only one I've trusted in the last decade to adjust/work on all my motorcycle suspension for street and track.

If you've been living under a rock, :) here's a little background on Dave...

"His specialty is setting up motorcycles to the rider's weight, type of use, riding style and ability. While doing the setup, Dave also takes a great deal of time to explain what is being done and why so the rider understands why the bike will feel different. He will also recommend changes needed to the motorcycle for an individual's weight, ergonomics and physical needs." - http://feelthetrack.com/2015-schedul...-testimonials/

I recently asked him to tune the suspension on another motorcycle I recently acquired. Periodically, between his busy schedule, Dave is able to make "pit stops" locally to accommodate me rather than me go out to the track (where he normally is) or head down to San Carlos where he anchors when he isn't travelling across the country or overseas. We made arrangements with Cycle Gear in Fairfield to use their area for Dave to provide the tuning service.

To clarify, I am NOT affiliated with or compensated in any way for my personal endorsement of Dave and his services. I just wanted to make sure the benefits of a properly tuned suspension are afforded to anyone out there. I'll guarantee this the BEST $20-$40 you will ever spend on your motorcycle. I'll be there getting my bike done - again. Hope you get the chance too.

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