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2008 Hypermotard 1100S
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Hey everyone,
Be easy with me on this one as I know the immobilizer has been talked about thoroughly on the forums as well as key issues. My experience with Ducati's comes from the newer models, so some of the older stuff (my 08 hyper) has me scratching my head sometimes when it comes to the programming.

Anyways, after bringing the bike back to life and installing a new dash it always does the countdown looking for a key to program. Recently I sent the ECU off to Rexxer and requested a reflash (for exhaust) and disabling the IMMO. Got the ECU back, key countdown is still happening. I was under the impression disabling the IMMO would fix this issue, guess I was wrong.

Now, I only have the one black key (looks original) no other keys or code card. Will I continue to have this issue with only one key programmed? With the IMMO disabled I plan to get another key cut..but does it still need the transponder? Any clarification would be great. Thanks people..
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