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DAINESE Valentino Replica Boot
Price: $499.00
Sale: $399.00

This replica of the boot worn by Valentino Rossi represents the maximum expression of Dainese technology and experience

D-Axial jointed anti-ankle twist back system in Carbon and Kevlar
Nylon toe Polypropylene insert behind the tibia
TPU heel counter
Nylon heel
Metal inserts on the heel
Shock absorption insert on the heel
Strap on top of foot
Lorica uppers
D-Stone fabric
Split leather inserts on the internal side
Elasticated bellows
Internal regulation with Velcro
Closing with zipper at the back
Double jersey airgap liner
Suit to boot fastening system
Padded insert for gear shifter guard
Soft inserts
Setscrew wrench supplied
Non-slip sole with differentiated design
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