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I bit the bullet and got me a d-air suit. The rational I used for my wife is I've already broken my neck twice and this might help me avoid a third time. Debatable but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

Safety considerations aside I'm intrigued with the technology and the awesome data collection built into the suit. The d-air uses multiple accelerometers and gps signals to know when to trigger the air bags. After a ride the data can be downloaded to a computer and analyzed. There's way more data there than I know what to do with yet but I'm learning.

Right now I'm just looking at speed and lean angle. It would make much more sense on a closed course where it can give lap times as well as sector times. It can even show you "yaw" in degrees which I think tells you when you are going sideways! Yikes! And things like acceleration g's, braking g's and who know what else. This morning I went out for the first test ride. Just a quick out and back, it was cold as you know what, 48 I think!

In this screen shot I've got it showing a GPS view of the route I took. On the bottom is the time line and a simple graph of the data I'm looking at. Top left is a detailed window of a small area of the time line. You can move the cross hairs and a dot on the map shows where and the little window shows the detailed data at the crosshairs.

If anyone out there has experience and knowledge on how to learn the software I'd be interested to hear.



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