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Dainese D-Air...anyone heard of this stuff?

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Any of our Euro brotha's have any info/input?

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
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It's been prototyped by Dainese for several years. There are other companies that have actually come to market on it within the past 2 years. Can get them in Europe but haven't seen them in the US. Prolly due to DOT and liability issues.
I saw them at the Dainese factory putlet in Italy.

They seem to work good and Dainese said they had already saved lives. The inflating part is actually a CO2 cartridge, not the explosive-type gasfiller used in airbags. You attach yourself do the bike with a cord and the cord has to be pulled at a certain G-force to inflate the bag.

In Sweden there is a policy among insurance companies that if you have an approved airbag jacket and it goes off, they will pay for the new one (but NOT give YOU $$ for the jacket. you have to take a new one) regardless of age..

So, from what I am understanding, the D-Air system is available for purchase in Europe, correct?

Can anyone post a link to a website offering the system?

From reading some info on the system years back, the D-Air system was suppose to use a wireless transmitter that reacts when the bike hits certain G's due to lateral angle or rapid decelaration. Did they change this element?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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