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I love my Monster, its comfortable to me, not very high, but I'm 6,3 so nothing is is high for me. I think the seat height is 32 in or something not sure I have a 01 m900s.

Did 400 miles today rode up through the gila forest in new mexico that shit rocked!!! my first time really going up and down a mountain. 10-25 mph hairpins rock!!

I've taken my monster from Iowa to south padre with no problems other then when the stupid aluminum sprocket exploded that the previous owner had put on. I just strap my duffle bag on the back, but hardbags would be no problem i just think they look ugly.

others on the forum are going to hate me but Otherwise you can't go wrong with a bigger harley for day to day and cruising. You'd have to get one of the bigger full dressers though, I don't think the xr1200 would be good for what you want.

Speed triple is a cool bike, but like the xr1200 i dont think it would be good for what you want it for, you have the 1098 for what the speed triple is meant for you lucky bastard!
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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