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D.O.G. Second Private Trackday

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Hey everyone,

We decided to take the name D.O.G. (Ducati Owners Group) and we now have a website:


Information below is a preview for ma homies and will be up on our website by the end of the week:

Second Private Track day for 2006 will be a weekend!

Reno-Farnley Raceway, May 20 & 21.
We are capping this event at 50 riders - the track is over a mile longer (4 miles) than Thunderhill (3 miles), so 50 bikes will be more than comfortable. Aside from mornings and end of the day, at least 20 riders will be shooting the breeze leaving max of 30 riders on 4 miles of track. That's the size of ONE group (out of three) during mass organized days.

Both days -- $450
One Day (Saturday or Sunday) -- $250/day
One + Half Day (9 to 12 for people that want to leave early OR 1 to 5 for people that want to sleep in) -- $400/1.5 days

Due to really high cost (I am putting a lot of personal $$ on the line), we would require the full amount up-front. If you sign up now by e-mailling me at [email protected] the spot we'll be reserved for you, money will be due by April 15th, if you need time to save up, get paid, or get your tax returns. :D

More people we sign up and more $$ we have left over after everything is paid for, more we will give back in forms of food, service and give away's.

Our sponsor (www.motowheels.com) really stepped up with a CRAZY offer! I have to confirm the deal and details, but here's the scoop:

For everyone participating, motowheels.com will offer a bangin' deal on street and track tires. For the first few that sign up and buy a set of track tires, you will have an option of having them mounted on your bike on a set of BST carbon fiber wheels, to ride on them for the weekend !!!!!!!!!

We will show up on Saturday morning with the wheels and new rubbers on them. It will take about 45min max to have them mounted and off you go. Unfortunately, we will have to take them off at the end of the weekend and you will own the tires that came with your set of BST's. Ever wanted to demo some crazy wheels - here's your chance.

Also, motowheels will offer discounts to prep your bike for the weekend (fluids, chain, tires and that kinda stuff.) I will post more as soon as we figure it out :)

Payment through paypal (with 4% for fees) to [email protected] .. we might have an option of credit card payments, contact me at that e-mail address for other options.

Thanks guys! Please support this event by signing up and telling everyone you know. We are working on a nice group discount for hotel rooms, so wait for more info.


PS. Thiunderhill already has a great turn out, thanks for signing up early.