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Cycle Cat riser bars on an early ST

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I've finally got a pretty finished bar setup on my ST2, and I thought I'd write a note about it in case anybody else is thinking they want to bring their bars up and back. The issue with the early bikes is that there's not much wiggle room. If you just raise the bars (with riser plates), the hydraulic reservoirs soon hit the fairing at full lock unless you also bring the bars back. But as you bring the bars back you start having problems with the grip area of the bars hitting the tank at full lock. As you raise the bars they clear the tank better, but then you have to worry about hitting the fairing again. You can reduce the lock-to-lock with the limit bolts, and I did that - but it's a real juggling game to get something that works. This took a lot of experimentation!

I did a lot of measuring and tried various things. I started by buying some 1/2" Dr. Desmo riser plates (the ones that have 2 bar positions, one of which angles the bars farther back, which felt great to me). I also got some 5/8" plastic riser plates, so I could play around with various amounts of rise. It became clear very quickly that on the old bikes you can't raise the bars much without also moving them back - which was what I really wanted to do anyway.

In the end, after a lot of experimenting, I bought a Cycle Cat DBR2 kit. This includes F25-50 risers (50 mm diam.), bars and bar ends. At this point I already had bought a pair of 50 mm. adapters on eBay - they're for a Monster and they have an extra mounting area with a bolt hole that's not needed on an ST, but they're a perfect fit.

My present installation uses the DBR2 kit with my 5/8" riser plates under the adapters. I could use 3/4" riser plates without the reservoirs hitting the fairing - I'm not sure if I could use 1" riser plates, but I think so. I had to get longer clutch and front brake lines to do this - I ordered custom lines from Spiegler.

If you measure the stock bar setup, they have about 3" rise (to the centerline of the bars at the inside end), and the bars sit forward about 1-1/8" from the centerline of the forks. The present setup has about 4-1/2" rise and the bars sit back about 2-1/8" - so I gained 1-1/2" rise and I moved about 3-1/4" back - a big change.