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I found this on another site some time ago and doctored it a bit to fit the Duc forum. Hope you like it. This is not posted to offend anyone here that may own a HD, just bring out the bond of Ducati ownership. Enjoy!

On the first day of creation, God made light. He then created the Ducati 999R to simulate the speed of light.

On the second day of creation God made the earth. God then created the Ducati Sport Tourer so he could ride around and enjoy His earth in style.

On the third day of creation, God made the animals. He then created the Ducati Supersport so the animals would have something that demanded their obedience.

On the fourth day God created day and night. He then created the Ducati Sport Classic so His creation would have something to figure out the difference between it and the other rides like analyzing day from night.

On the fifth day God created the seas and rivers. He then created the Ducati Monster so he could feel the power of the waves while riding on land.

On the sixth day of creation God made man. Man then tried to be like God and attempted to create his own motorcycle. From the works of the hands of man came Harley-Davidson. Not even close to what God had made. But man made his machine to run louder since his peanut-brain reasoned that its about being loud and nothing else.

On the seventh day God rested. God then came up with a plan to redeem man since man had committed evil and sinned and was in need of salvation. God then created the Multistrada... to bring to man the glory of the curves and the smiles of the straight-a-ways. Man then repented and took the Multistrada as his own. Man was sorry he hadn't ever created such a machine. Man was even sorrier that he had created HD because man wasn't even alive long enough to create the necessary tools to fix the bike when it broke down.
Man did soon realize that if he rode a Ducati, that on this bike he would have the appearance of being a man and not that of an ape like when he rode the HD.

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