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Crankcase breather

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So the breather on my 1100 has always been spitting out some small amount of oil whenever I do wheelies. But as of lately the thing is more like gushing out the oil. Is it common for the breather to fail like that? At any rate, is there any merit to buying a shiny machined breather like this:
or should I just stick to a factory plastic replacement?
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It’s prettier, that’s probably about all. You need to route a hose from the breather that will prevent oil from getting on anything important, like brake pads or tires. I ran my SS breather hose vertically and put a K&N breather on the end. If I did wheelies on purpose I’d probably have routed it a little differently, but I get no oil out of it. On other bikes I’ve routed the breather to puke on the chain.
It currently has a hose routed up into the airbox. But the thing is leaking like crazy around the middle of the breather, so I figured maybe one of those shiny breathers actually had a better lasting seal or valve in them. Oh well, guess I'm ordering another original part from the dealer and waiting 3 weeks for the Italians to ship it per usual xD
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