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Alright, I know it was one of you on here...own up to this posting: "Selling my Ducati St4

Reason for selling: just got my review with a huge raise so i bought a harley to pour money into as this ducati just is not eating enough money

Rear tire has about 3k miles on it but front only has about 1k miles. I installed the tires at the same time but it is just hard to keep the front end down. This bike has TORQUE for DAYS, i just recently had shoulder surgery from the twisting the throttle on this bike

Tuned by:
A ducati proffesional with exactly 40 years experience

Has dry clutch with baffeloctomy i performed on the bike myself. Turns a lot of heads, people are not sure if it is falling apart or not.

Frame has been proffesionally welded twice. I set the bike down from a wheelie too hard and it cracked the frame. If it doesnt hold up i know a young guy that used to work at Great America that can do it right the third time around

I will include hard bags (not pictured) so you can pick up any parts that fall off while riding

Odometer has 40k on it but it is has closer to 36k on the motor as i have probably pushed it 4k miles from all the times when it broke down. So 40k on chasis but only 36k on the motor

Open to trades:
Limp Bizkit signed memorabilia
Cams for my truck to make it go rat ta ta ta rat ta ta ta
Pepsi stock
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Has dry clutch with baffeloctomy i performed on the bike myself...

Is that the same thing as a circumcision?
No, it's the same with Lobotomy, ( like when you operate on the Lobes of your camshafts).
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